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Spectrum Energy Storage Solutions represents the latest technology in inverter and energy storage systems available on the Australian market.

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Spectrum Power Station

A simple yet feature-rich, plug-and-play Energy Storage System that qualified technicians can install on new or existing systems in as little as one hour. Pre-wired to an internal switchboard, inverter, and gateway while being enclosed in a sleek aluminium cabinet for ease of mobility. Simply add supplied batteries.

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Spectrum Stackable PowerBase by ZRGP

The Spectrum Stackable PowerBase is the latest energy storage solution in the Spectrum range of lithium battery storage products. Designed as an easy-to-assemble module lithium battery solution for LV or HV applications, it can be easily installed and scaled for your requirements.

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Spectrum Classic PowerBase by ZRGP

The Spectrum PowerBase is a lithium energy storage solution suitable for a range of applications but mostly solar energy storage. Its classic design is perfect for rack mounting in a cabinet and can easily be expanded to suit the application requirements, whether residential or commercial.

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Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower

Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower is an easy to install and an innovative solar energy inverter range that uses the latest solar energy technology which is supported by extensive certification, national warranty and local technical support. Available in 5K Hybrid and AC Coupled options and capable of being installed in new and existing solar systems the Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower increase the energy efficiency for the user wishing to connect on-grid solar, off-grid solar and grid-tied systems.

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Spectrum Powerbox by Dyness

The Spectrum Powerbox and Powercube by Dyness is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and modular energy storage system that is fully scalable and perfect for integrating into either wind, solar or micro-grid systems that serve applications in residential or commercial buildings. Available in high and low voltage options and compatible with a range of inverters, including Spectrum by LuxPower, the Powerbox and Powercube are suitable for any user that wishes to increase their energy self-sufficiency, security or efficiency through renewable sources.

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Spectrum Energy Storage Solutions represents the latest technology in inverter and energy storage systems available on the Australian market. By bringing together world-class manufactures LuxPower Inverters and Dyness Energy Storage, Spectrum will provide a range of 5K Hybrid Inverters, AC Coupled Inverters and LiFePO4 Energy storage solutions to cater for a rapidly evolving market that must be future-ready.

Spectrum is perfect for residential and commercial applications and packed with technology. The inverters from LuxPower can be remotely monitored and managed, UPS connected, optimised for multiple systems that work in grid-tied, hybrid, and off-grid setups, and are VPP and DRM ready.

The Spectrum solution also takes advantage of a scaleable modular LiFePO4 Energy storage system made by Dyness which has up to 10 years of life and is among the safest and best-performing technology available.

Tested under real-world conditions at our Gold Coast site, all Spectrum products meet Australia’s extensive certification standards, which include CEC, IEC and an IP65 rating, to ensure optimised performance in Australia’s unique environment. All products also have access to a national warranty and dedicated local support team for confidence during installation and on-going operation.


  • Nationwide warranty and local technical support
  • Customisable and suitable for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Tested in real-world conditions
  • Extensive certification including CEC Accreditation and IEC certification
  • Feature-rich and innovative technology that is safe, smart and easy to install


Documents for Dyness products can be found below. This includes the datasheet, installation manual, SDS, and warranty T&Cs.

Dyness Model numbers:

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