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As one of Australia’s leading battery suppliers, we pride ourselves on providing a large range of batteries, and battery-related solutions, from respected and renowned brands like ACDelco, Power-Sonic and Invicta Lithium. At Sealed Performance Batteries, we offer battery solutions covering all your Automotive needs, right through to technology applications and energy storage systems as well as anything in between. We offer traditional Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, the latest AGM technologies and Lithium Ion products for most applications. In addition to our battery capabilities, we distribute electric vehicle service equipment from the European brand Garo, and battery monitoring solutions for any critical power applications.

SPB Welcomes distributors for our products and solutions

SPB are always looking for distributors, we would really like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products.

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SPB Welcomes distributors

SPB are always looking for distributors, we would really like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products.

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A New Invicta Range Is Here - Invicta Hybrid Starter

Posted September 24 2021

Sealed Performance Batteries and Invicta are proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated Invicta Hybrid Starter battery. The Invicta Hybrid Starter range will feature the core benefits of lithium, reliability of the Invicta brand and powerful starting/cranking capabilities.

Upgraded PS SuperSport Batteries

Posted May 11 2021

Our technical team has carefully selected the latest range based on our customer feedback that demanded a more modern battery. This also coincidentally resulted in a physically larger range, allowing customers to conveniently cater to the end-user by providing generic sizing. Further to this, the range has undergone specialised testing and quality control personally overseen by our Technical Advisor to ensure the product being promoted is true.

Invicta Warranty Extends To 7-years

Posted August 21 2020

Invicta lithium has continued to surpass expectations and easily push past 1000 days of continuous operation at just over 2 cycles per day, during independent testing conducted under Australian conditions. This has resulted in an industry first for the recreational lithium (LiFePO4) market, and Invicta will be extending their full replacement warranty to seven years.

Maximising The Benefits Of Invicta Bluetooth

Posted June 30 2020

When deciding on a lithium battery in today's market, it can be a daunting task for even the most knowledgable consumer. A question that regularly gets asked is why Invicta lithium is more expensive than some others? The answer to this is that many of the cheaper lithiums use inferior components that simply don't perform nor have the features that premium batteries enjoy. In Invicta lithium, we have included premium features like IEC certification, aluminium prismatic cells, robust internal connections and a high-quality BMS with Bluetooth options. For this feature, we will be focusing on the BMS and its Bluetooth capabilities.