ApplicationsSolar, EV & Battery Monitoring

The world is going greener, and becoming more efficient, and to do that, it requires the use of more battery power. Sealed Performance Batteries now offers a range of solutions to offer these markets, including the Spectrum Solar, Garo EV Chargers, EVESCO Chargers, and EMSYS Monitors. As businesses and organisations seek to be more efficient and remain competitive continually, they are utilising these products to ensure they remain at the forefront of a rapidly evolving world. Our solutions are suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications that want to go completely off-grid or be in a hybrid connection to the grid.

Electric Vehicles are an increasingly common sight both in the press and more importantly on the road. With pure Electric Vehicles (EV) such as the Tesla and Leaf to Plug in Hybrids (PHEV), which combine both an electric motor and combustion engine such as the Mitsubishi Outlander the requirements for charging infrastructure is continuing to grow. Both EVs and PHEVs require their battery packs to be charged from the grid, the family of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) from GARO and EVESCO gives you the options of the right charge for any situation, including

Invicta Lithium

The Invicta Lithium brand provides endurance and ultimate power in the harshest of environments as well as protects against unwanted power failure.

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Power-Sonic Rechargeable Batteries

The wide range of Power-Sonic rechargeable AGM batteries ensures whatever your application there is a battery designed to suit your requirements.

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The BMPRO range of smart battery chargers are a state of the art automatic battery charger series with seven charge states designed to increase your battery’s life and performance.

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EVESCO EV Chargers

The EVESCO mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles by delivering sustainable fast-charging solutions, which can be deployed anywhere. Our innovative energy storage is enabling customers worldwide to build faster, more reliable, and future-proof EV charging networks, including in locations with little or no electric grid availability.

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Garo EV Chargers

GARO has been manufacturing power and electrical systems since 1939. A high quality European manufacturer with their head office in Sweden, subsidiaries scattered throughout Europe and a strong partner network ensures back up and support wherever you or your solutions end up.

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Emsys solutions are designed to automate activities previously done by a technician: less time troubleshooting and identifying problems, and more time addressing action items.

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Spectrum Energy Storage Solutions represents the latest technology in inverter and energy storage systems available on the Australian market.

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