Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower

Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower is an easy to install and an innovative solar energy inverter range that uses the latest solar energy technology which is supported by extensive certification, national warranty and local technical support. Available in 5K Hybrid and AC Coupled options and capable of being installed in new and existing solar systems the Spectrum Inverters by LuxPower increase the energy efficiency for the user wishing to connect on-grid solar, off-grid solar and grid-tied systems.


  • Manufactured by LuxPower and available through SPB
  • Easy and fully supported installation
  • Optimised modes for grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid systems
  • VPP and DRM ready
  • IP65 rated and quality tested in Australia
  • Grid-independent and UPS enhanced
  • Free app for remote management from mobile or desktop devices
  • Compatible with popular battery brands including Dyness
  • AC coupled versions available


Truly market-leading technology, users can connect to multiple systems including paralleling and micro-grid, which work in either grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid modes that will provide energy on demand. The inverters are also compatible with a range of battery technologies and popular battery brands including the Spectrum Powerbox and Powercube by Dyness.

Complete with future-proof technology the units are VPP and DRM ready via an integrated smart application, an exceptionally vital feature as utilities look to take more control of the grid. With the addition of an enhanced UPS feature which enables the unit to not require grid power to operate and is capable of seamlessly transferring from grid to battery in the event of a black-out, users will not be left in the dark.

Safety and Protection

Installers can be confident they are installing the safest possible product with a number of safety and protection features that include leakage current protection, AC short circuit protection and over current/voltage protection to name a few.

Certification and Quality Assurance

By following manufacturing best-practice requirements, the Spectrum solution has received extensive certification that meets Australia’s strict standards. This includes, but is not limited to, CEC accreditation, IEC certification and an IP65 rating that guarantees it is protected from dust, oil, non-corrosive material and water in outdoor and indoor installations. Furthermore, Spectrum has been tried and tested in real-world Australian conditions at our test site on the Gold Coast to ensure its high quality and performance in Australia’s unique environment.

Installer Support

Installers receive free support during and after the installation of the unit with access to a local technical team which has over 25 years experience in the energy industry. Further enhanced by the availability of a free mobile and desktop app that allows remote management and monitoring of the unit by both the manufacturer and installer, which makes for a transparent and hassle-free process when troubleshooting.

More Information

For more specific information regarding the Spectrum Inverter range by LuxPower, contact the team at SPB on 1300 001 772 or [email protected].