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Our world depends on electricity for everything – from large-scale industry to small business, the uses and benefits of electric power are virtually endless. When it comes to our safety, however, reliable access to power is of even greater importance. The systems that protect our lives and our property must always be vigilant, and that requires security battery solutions that are both dependable and robust.

There are many instances if there were to be a AC grid power failure, serious and even life threatening situations could occur. In order to be protected against such events battery backed systems need to be employed. Whether its for a large scale UPS to ensure critical data isn’t lost in a Data centre, ensuring 100% uptime of critical Telecommunications, signalling or sub-stations or a simple battery backup system for a critical medical device SPB has a battery option to suit you requirement.

We also have batteries for Fire and Security systems, Backup fire and security batteries for fire alarm and security systems are meant to allow the system to keep working even when there’s an electrical blackout. They keep the fire or security system working for either a 24 hour period or a 72 hour period. After that, they still should have enough of a charge left so the system can sound the evacuation signal. Power-Sonic AGM Fire retardant cased batteries are specifically designed for just such a necessity.

Invicta Lithium

The Invicta Lithium brand provides endurance and ultimate power in the harshest of environments as well as protects against unwanted power failure.

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Power-Sonic Rechargeable Batteries

The wide range of Power-Sonic rechargeable AGM batteries ensures whatever your application there is a battery designed to suit your requirements.

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The Zeal AGM range is a quality range ideally suited for a wide range of general purpose and cost critical applications.

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Spectrum Energy Storage Solutions represents the latest technology in inverter and energy storage systems available on the Australian market.

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