Spectrum Power Station

Install In As Little As One Hour

The Spectrum Power Station is a simple yet feature-rich, plug-and-play Energy Storage System that qualified technicians can install on new or existing systems in as little as one hour.

Pre-wired to an internal switchboard, inverter, and gateway while being enclosed in a sleek aluminium cabinet for ease of mobility. Simply add supplied batteries.

Save Money With Free Energy

Use free battery power to save money on soaring energy bills.

Flexibility to add up to 8kW of solar and 14.4kWh of battery capacity to grow and maximise potential ROI.

Customisable settings to take advantage of peak and off-peak times.

Have Confidence With An Australian Designed Product

Designed with Australian technicians in mind with easy-to-understand installation resources and guides.

Australian-based support team with extensive knowledge in the solar industry.

When The Grid Goes Down, Keep The Lights On

Seamless and automated UPS functionality ensures backup power is instantly available when the grid goes down.

Store up to 14.4kWh of battery energy to use on demand.

Monitor All Your Projects From One Spot

Only see what you need to see with tiered access that allows end-users, installers and technical support to only see the information that is important to them.