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Emsys solutions are designed to automate activities previously done by a technician: less time troubleshooting and identifying problems, and more time addressing action items.

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Battery Monitoring Communication

EMSYS Mini Gateway (SRV-1100) is primarily designed to serve smaller and remote sites as a Wireless to IP and IP to Wireless bridge. It is also an application server which means that it allows direct access to the collected data through a variety of interfaces. ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU and SNMP are a few examples of industry-standard protocols supported by EMSYS Mini Gateway.

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Battery Monitoring Sensors

CellSPY measures the battery’s ohmic value of both metallic and chemical paths. Unlike other monitors on the market, which consumes 10s and 100s of Amps during internal ohmic value measurements, CellSPY “gets the job done” using 1A of load current for a fraction of a second. Thanks to its advanced DSP-based noise filtering, ultra-fast 24 bit ADC’s and negligible current dissipation, CellSPY is the smallest and most technologically advanced Battery Monitor on the market today.

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EMSYS Client Application

EMSYS Client Application is the viewing window into the data aggregated by our Cloud server via the various monitors utilized. The intuitive graphical interface makes monitoring your assets easier than ever and gives the user complete and clear insight into the UPSs state of health in graphical and/or tabular form. Compatible with any web browser, our monitoring application leverages the latest web technologies to sort your data with amazing speed, only available to desktop applications in the past.

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In these quickly evolving and changing times, every enterprise needs to look at ways to improve efficiency and remain competitive. Emsys solutions are designed to automate activities previously done by a technician: less time troubleshooting and identifying problems, and more time addressing action items.

By leveraging the latest wireless technologies, there are no wires to run, no hubs to install- installation costs have been lowered to almost nothing.

Emsys IoT based sensors are designed and improved with the customer’s evolving challenges in mind and provide modern solutions to modern problems.

The Emsys Focus

EMSYS Design, LLC is focused on providing solutions that work in any environment under extreme conditions while continuously communicating pertinent data at a price point that results in significant savings for our customers.

Easy to use GUI interface – Emsys strive for simplicity in our applications. That’s why Emsys are constantly listening to our customers to provide a more intuitive experience for them. High tech shouldn’t mean complex.

Extending the life of your assets – Emsys products provide real-time information on the status of your monitored assets. They don’t peddle magic solutions. Emsys provide you with the data and subsequent action items to maximize the longevity of your assets.

Emsys History

EMSYS Design Inc. was founded in 2002 as an engineer design house for low power, low data rate systems. Initial projects included designing sensors embedded in concrete for tensile strength analysis, tracking devices for finding vehicles within a metered area, and tags for tracking assets through their entire lifecycle.

By 2007, business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) had moved to the top of the list of business concerns. Companies around the globe were focused on creating failover sites for their entire infrastructure, spending billions of dollars on the effort. And, yet, the weak link in the infrastructure chain continued to be a battery that cost under $1,000 because it was checked quarterly or even annually. Seeing this weakness, we created the first generation CellSPY Battery Monitoring System.

The first installation was 5,000 monitors, and the system was tested successfully for 18 months before CellSPY was put into production. Since then, we have worked alongside our customers to develop a dynamic system, leveraging the latest technologies, to address their evolving challenges.

Now based out of Puerto Rico, as EMSYS Design, LLC we have continued to innovate, improving on existing products and developing new ones along the way. That’s how Emsys got to be the most advanced battery monitoring company on the market and how they’re going to continue being the best at what they do.