Battery Monitoring Sensors

CellSPY Wireless Battery Monitors are designed to measure and continuously report the following parameters:

  • DC voltage across the battery terminals
  • AC ripple voltage across the battery terminals
    Battery’s ohmic value
  • Temperature at the negative battery post

There are three sensor types for different measurement ranges:

  • CSPY-400-0 (batteries with nominal voltage 2 – 12 V)
  • CSPY-400-1 (batteries with nominal voltage 12 V – 16 V)
  • CSPY-400-2 (batteries with nominal voltage 1.2 V)

CellSPY measures the battery’s ohmic value of both metallic and chemical paths. Unlike other monitors on the market, which consumes 10s and 100s of Amps during internal ohmic value measurements, CellSPY “gets the job done” using 1A of load current for a fraction of a second. Thanks to its advanced DSP-based noise filtering, ultra-fast 24 bit ADC’s and negligible current dissipation, CellSPY is the smallest and most technologically advanced Battery Monitor on the market today.

Emsys Wireless Current Transcoder

EMSYS’s Unique Dual-Core Wireless Current Transducer (WCT- 400-10-1000-30) provides accurate Load AND Charge DC current monitoring.

Thanks to its Dual-Core Technology, the Wireless Current Transducer measures DC current of 1A or 1000A with the same high accuracy.

It uses field-proven Hall Effect based circuitry to provide a superior solution for DC applications, with minimal risk of permanent magnetization.

Its wide power supply range (12 – 60 VDC) allows it to be powered from almost any DC power source. Plug and Play installation, Non-Invasive Design and Wide Power Supply range are just a few of its key features.