EMSYS Client Application

EMSYS Client Application is the viewing window into the data aggregated by our Cloud server via the various monitors utilized. The intuitive graphical interface makes monitoring your assets easier than ever and gives the user complete and clear insight into the UPSs state of health in graphical and/or tabular form. Compatible with any web browser, our monitoring application leverages the latest web technologies to sort your data with amazing speed, only available to desktop applications in the past.


EMSYS intuitive web-based application gives you full visibility of every battery within your system. Measurements are transmitted in real-time and displayed numerically and graphically. In order to provide  comprehensive UPS information there are several views:

  • Map View – shows the location of UPSs on a geographic map
  • Latest Readings View – shows all latest readings for a chosen bank in a chosen site or UPS
  • History Readings view – displays recorded readings for a selected period of time
  • Alarm view – displays all current alarms (conditions/situations that require the operator’s attention)
  • Events view – provides a historical line of every system and sensor event in tabular form.

Load Testing can be recorded with EMSYS Client Application using Test Explorer and Test View. While the CellSPY system automatically increases data collection in the event of any discharge, starting a test in the application before discharges allow for more comprehensive data collection before and after the discharge. This data can then be used to create a report, specifically designed for load testing applications.
EMSYS Client Application provides a variety of reports. They can be created manually or automatically (at a chosen frequency).

  • Historical report – provides sensor data for a selected period of time
  • Maintenance report – shows the state of the UPS in a chosen moment in time
  • Resistance report – displays all battery resistance readings
  • Load Test report – shows readings from a Load Test
  • AlarmEvent Report – displays alarms and/or events from a selected time period
  • Periodical Reports – these reports are created automatically by the system and they can be Alarm, Regular or Maintenance