The Rising Popularity of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers

The rise in popularity of electronic vehicles is demonstrated by a growth of sixty per cent in sales worldwide last year, and Bloomberg predicts that electric vehicles will account for 35 percent of new car sales globally by 2040. While it is still early days for the electric vehicle market in Australia, registrations are up, prices are lowering, and electric vehicles are no longer favoured by only the green-minded.

Sealed Performance Batteries – Australia’s premier wholesaler of energy and storage products – have long seen electric vehicles and associated electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) as a strong growth area. Keeping a close eye on industry changes and innovations, the decision to invest in electric vehicle charger technology was an obvious extension of their suite of applications.

Ryan Hammond, Director of Sealed Performance Batteries, is excited about the company’s direction with regard to electronic vehicle chargers. “We’ve been dealing in EVSE technology for around twelve months now, forming a partnership with a market leading manufacturer and global supplier of quality EVSE.”

The collaboration Hammond refers to is with Swedish powerhouse, GARO. With a track record of developing, supplying and manufacturing electrical installations for over seventy-five years, and over ten years delivering electric vehicle chargers, teaming up with GARO has proven to be a savvy move for Sealed Performance Batteries. Explains Hammond, “GARO are market leaders in EVSE in the Nordic countries and have a strong presence throughout Europe. The strength of their brand is reflected in installs with companies such as Volvo, IKEA, VW and McDonalds.”

header-imageAs the electric vehicle revolution continues to build momentum, Sealed Performance Batteries has noticed an upswing in commercial clients, and Hammond forecasts that with the popularity and increase of electric vehicles, the requirement for home charging will also surge. “Our customer base is broad as EV chargers for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids can be installed anywhere cars are normally parked. The GARO range includes Home AC chargers which are designed for home installation for a faster charge than the cables supplied along with the car. These units are also ideal for office car parks, and car parking facilities. We also have a have a range of semi-fast public chargers which are suitable for installation in restaurants, shopping centres, and large car parks, with options to suit any application. Fast DC charging options are also available.”

Proving they have the knowledge, experience and quality EVSE to complete projects of any scope and budget, Sealed Performance Batteries recently had two chargers installed at the Greenco parking facility located at 114 Flinders street in Melbourne’s CBD. In alignment with the company’s client-centred philosophy, Sealed Performance Batteries oversaw the lifecycle of the project, from initial consultation through to final testing. “We met with our client to determine what they wanted to achieve, then ran through the options to present them with the most flexible, yet cost effective GARO solution,” says Hammond. “They installed a Type 1 (J1772) and Type 2 (Mennekes) charger so all EV types are covered. The units were tested and then the details were added to the plugshare app to ensure all EV drivers can find them.”

When asked what Hammond sees in the future for Australia’s electronic vehicle market, he says, “More and more car manufacturers are investing and producing both full electric vehicles along with plug in hybrid electric vehicles. As options continue to grow so will the number of EVs on the road. Tesla has done a lot for the industry in terms of market awareness and promotion, and it means these days everyone knows at least a little bit about EVs.”

Sealed Performance Batteries set themselves apart from other battery wholesalers and suppliers of electric vehicle chargers with their solution driven, customer focused approach, earning them the support of internationally recognised brands. As Australia embraces the future of sustainable transport, Sealed Performance Batteries will no doubt continue to be the first choice for domestic and commercial electronic vehicle charger installations.

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