Garo Electric Vehicle Chargers

Garo Electric Vehicle Chargers

The range includes options for Type 1 (most US and Japanese manufacturers) or Type 2 (EU Standard) connections and is available in single phase and three phase options.

Garo Home EV Chargers

2449825_1 (1)The home charger has been specifically developed for the safe and efficient charging of your electric vehicle at home or at your workplace car park. It is available in either 16A or 32 Amp versions and comes with one or a fixed type 1 connector, fixed type 2 connector, or a type 2 socket for greatest flexibility.

Feature include

  • Wall mounted with cut out template included for fast, simple installation
  • Fixed Type 1 or Type 2 connection cable, or Type 2 Socket outlet, ensuring there is an option for all makes of EV.
  • 3.7kW (16A) and 7.4kW (32A) version available allowing for faster charge time that the 10A cable supplied with the Vehicle
  • RCBO protected for safety and simple installation – no need for and extra RCBO to be installed
  • Stylish and compact design makes it perfect for your home or apartment / work car park.

Download GARO Electric Vehicle Homer Charger Brochure

Garo Semi-Fast Public AC Charging Posts


The robust design of the LS3 is the ideal solution for public charging stations where time is not a concern. Available in a wide range of configurations including single or three phase 16A or 32A with a number of additional options. The ease of installation of AC unit and wide options for kWh output make them perfect for public areas such as restaurants, shops, councils, workplaces etc. Why not install a GARO Semi fast charging post to attract people to your location?

Features include:

  • Ground or Wall mounted option for easy, flexible mounting options
  •  Connection configurations include – 2 x Fixed Type 1, 2 x Type 2 fixed connection cable, 2 x Type 2 Socket outlet, or combination of 1 x Typ1 fixed connection and 1 x type 2 socket outlet ensuring there is an option for all makes of EV.
  • Safety features including an RCBO per connection and a lockable lid as well as a simple robust design to ensure reduced maintenance.
  • Communication capable with either LAN or 3G connection as well as OCPP allowing connectivity to web backend systems.
  • Available in either single Phase and three phase options up to 22kW output for semi rapid charging at a fraction of the cost of DC charging.
  • Robust design and wide range of options make it ideal for public places such as Councils, Restaurants, Shopping centres, Apartment blocks work spaces etc.

Download GARO Public AC Charging Post Brochure