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In today’s society telecommunication systems have never been so critical, be it the standard copper network system, fibre systems such as the NBN or the ever expanding wireless 3/4G mobile network ensuring the systems stay online is paramount. The wide and varied applications used in the telecommunication industry means the requirement start at a critical load back up in an air conditioned clean environment all the way to a remote base station in the middle of nowhere.

No matter what the application is SPB has telecommunication batteries for any solution.

  • PS, PSH and PG ranges for your critical UPS applications in regular environments
  • PSS and PSOPzV for those larger load requirements in harsher conditions such as base and substations. Also perfect of off grid solar energy storage.
  • Lithium Ion options for those high end applications where extra life or higher cycles is required.
  • Canara Battery monitoring system to ensure your batteries will work at the time they are most needed.

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