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SPB is your premier destination for high-performance golf cart batteries, featuring top brands such as ACDelco, Invicta Lithium, and Forge. Our cutting-edge selection combines the reliability of industry-leading brands with advanced technology, ensuring a powerful and dependable performance on the green.

Explore our range, which has been meticulously selected with the renowned quality of ACDelco, the innovation of Invicta Lithium, and the durability of Forge. This combination of products guarantees a range that delivers consistent and efficient power for your golfing adventures.

Tested and trusted on courses Australia-wide, SPB’s golf cart batteries powered by ACDelco, Invicta Lithium, and Forge set the standard for excellence. Whether you’re navigating the fairways or tackling challenging terrains, our batteries ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable golfing experience, providing the precision and confidence you need.

Play longer with SPB, where the reliability of ACDelco, the innovation of Invicta Lithium, and the durability of Forge converge to redefine your golf cart experience.

acdelco batteries

ACDelco is a company that has been associated with automotive, marine and car battery products for over 100 years. Starting life as the Remy Electric Company in 1901 AC Delco batteries has grown to be a global supplier of premium auto and marine parts sold throughout the world. Having the global support helps them to leverage resources and bring you aftermarket solutions wherever you are.

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Invicta Lithium

The Invicta Lithium brand provides endurance and ultimate power in the harshest of environments as well as protects against unwanted power failure.

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Manufactured specifically for the harsh Australian conditions, the Forge longest golf cart range are already gaining traction across not only Golf cart applications but also other deep cyclic applications such as scissor and forklifts and electric mobility devices.

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