Power Sport

Power Sport

Power Sonic Super Sport Series batteries are built with grit and tough terrains in mind. They are quality batteries designed to withstand the pressures that all-terrain vehicles have to deal with. One of the most complete power sport battery lines available which are excellent quality and competitively priced.

We carry all conventional types available with or without acid packs and offer a complete series of factory activated products.


  • Motor Cycles
  • Mobility
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s)
  • Jet Skis
  • Personal Watercraft

Features & Benefits:

  • Safety valve flame/arrestor relieves excess pressure
  • Thru-Partition Construction Provides shorter current path with less resistance for more cranking power
  • Special active material in the plates is compounded to with stand vibration, prolonging battery life and dependability
  • Absorptive Glass Fibre Mat (AGM) Separator Increases battery cell life and reduces vibration on battery plates
  • Special separator makes the battery spill-proof. Valve regulated design eliminates water loss and the need to refill with acid
  • Polypropylene Cover and Container Assure reserve electrolyte capacity for cooler operating temperature and gives greater resistance to gas, oil, and impact in extreme weather conditions
  • Heat Sealed Cover to case Protects against leakage and corrosion. Bonded unit providing extra strength
  • Sealed Post Prevents acid leakage, reduces corrosion, and extends battery life
  • Special grid design with stands severe vibration and assures maximum conductivity

Invicta Hybrid Starter

Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries are a dual-purpose starting and deep-cycle lithium solution that can withstand high-heat environments due to their heat-resistant technology

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Power-Sonic Super Sport

PowerSonic Super Sport batteries consists of Conventional, Factory Activated and Factory AGM batteries options that deliver a range of features and benefits to suit the user from cost benefits to ease of installation and maintenance.

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PS SuperSport AGM

The PS SuperSport AGM battery is a factory activated and extra heavy duty series which have been developed to provide high standing currents and accessory loads that are required by some Motorcycles, P.W.C and ATV's.

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