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The wide range of Power-Sonic rechargeable AGM batteries ensures whatever your application there is a battery designed to suit your requirements.

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Power-Sonic PDC Series

Power-Sonic deep cycle PDC range is purpose built for those applications which require regular and consistent cycling (charge and dis-charge). Commonly called deep cycling the oversized negative plates and a specialised paste formulation of the PDC can provide constant power for longer periods of time without shortening the life of the battery.

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Power-Sonic PS 6 Volt Cyclic Series

The Power-Sonic range of AGM VRLA batteries are manufactured with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance allowing greater cyclic performance, enhanced overcharge endurance and excellent recovery form over discharge situations.

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Power-Sonic Rechargeable Batteries

The Power-Sonic Corporation has been a leading force since 1970 in the supply of high-quality cost effective AGM batteries. SPB is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Power-Sonic rechargeable range of sealed lead acid batteries distributing throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The Power-Sonic rechargeable battery ranges encompass a broad spectrum of electronic and industrial applications, either as the prime or standby power source.

The wide range of Power-Sonic rechargeable batteries ensures whatever your application there is a battery designed to suit your requirements.

The entire Power-Sonic AGM VRLA range offers the following features.


The valve regulated, spill-proof construction allows trouble free, safe operation in any position. There is no need to add electrolyte, as gases generated during overcharge are recombined in a unique “oxygen cycle.”

Valve Regulated Design

Our batteries incorporate a series of one-way low pressure valves. These self-sealing valves allow the venting of any excess gasses that may be produced in the battery due to severe overcharging, thus increasing safety through the prevention of dangerous over expansion of the casing.

Design Flexibility

Batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to obtain choice of voltage and capacity. Due to recent design breakthroughs, the same battery may be used in either cyclic or standby applications. Over 60 models are available to choose from.


Power Sonic rechargeable batteries use state-of-the-art design, high grade materials, and a carefully controlled plate-making process to provide excellent output per cell. The high energy density results in superior power/volume and power/weight ratios.

Rugged Construction

The high impact resistant battery case is made of nonconductive ABS plastic to UL94-HB. This material imparts very good resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat. Certain models feature flame retardant (FR) cases/covers to UL94 V-O.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Power-Sonic batteries may be discharged over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) and charged at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F).

Long Service Life

Under normal operating conditions, four or five years of dependable service life can be expected in stand-by applications, or between 200 and 1000 charge/ discharge cycles depending on the average depth of discharge.

Deep Discharge Recovery

Special separators, advanced plate composition, and a carefully balanced electrolyte system have greatly improved the ability to recover from excessively deep discharge.

Lead Calcium Plates

Heavy duty lead calcium plates provide an extra margin of performance and life in both cyclic and float applications and give unequaled recovery from deep discharge.


The high watt-hour per dollar value is made possible by the materials used in a sealed lead-acid battery: they are readily available and low in cost.

Operation in any Orientation

Our SLA batteries can be charged & discharged in any orientation except upside down without reduction in performance or leakage of electrolyte.

High Rate Discharge

Low internal resistance allows discharge currents of up to ten times the battery’s rated capacity. Relatively small batteries may thus be specified in applications requiring high peak currents.

Long Shelf Life

A low self-discharge rate allows storage of fully charged batteries for extended periods of time before charging is required. Lower storage temperatures further enhance shelf life characteristics.


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