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Sealed Performance Batteries offer an extensive range in Marine batteries for marine and Watercraft applications.  All our marine batteries are designed to take the vibrations and wave pounding that comes with the territory.  We offer both purpose built batteries for cranking and cyclic batteries for running all the lights and fridges off the boats for an adventurous day.

Lead acid batteries contain lead plates with separators to differentiate the positive plates from the negative plates. The electrolyte is made up of 35 percent sulphuric acid and 65 percent pure water.  Marine batteries will self-discharge at the rate of approximately 0.5 percent per day. Lead acid batteries are by far the most commonly used batteries today. They can be divided into two categories. These are deep cycle batteries and starting/cranking batteries.

Features & Benefits

  • Extra reserve electrolyte
  • Glass mat separators
  • Heavy Duty Frame grids and plates
  • Deep pocket, polyethylene envelope plate separators
  • Special Fibreglass mat plate wrap
  • Vibration resistant design
  • High Density plate paste
  • Twin Terminals

Selecting the right size Deep Cycle battery

Equipment UsedLoad (Watts)Est HoursWatts/Hours
Total Watt Hours580

Once you have calculated the total watt hours then divide the total watt hours by the voltage used  multiplied by 0.8 (max. discharge allowance for deep cycle batteries).  Add a further 25% safety margin for cable loss, over use and add 20% more if using the battery for cranking.

Our marine batteries come in both the ACDelco branded product and our Power-Sonic Automotive range

ACDelco Marine

ACDelco Marine Batteries are built for endurance and the hard terrains they are subjected to. All ACDelco Deep Cycle Batteries have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance free technology and they are sealed maintenance free for worry free operation.

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Bosch Marine

Bosch marine batteries are carefully engineered to provide the optimum balance between starting and deep cycling duties. They are also thoroughly insulated to protect against the high frequency vibrations created by rough sea conditions. Bosch batteries are specifically designed for a range of marine applications that require frequent charge and discharge cycles, in order to perform under extreme conditions.

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Power-Sonic Marine

ALL POWER-SONIC Maintenance Free Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (lead calcium technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, gassing, and water usage, self-discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.

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