Fire & Security

Fire & Security

A fire and security alarm systems are life safety systems. Backup fire and security batteries for fire alarm and security systems are meant to allow the system to keep working even when there’s an electrical blackout. They keep the fire or security system working for either a 24 hour period or a 72 hour period.  After that, they still should have enough of a charge left so the system can sound the evacuation signal. Power-Sonic AGM Fire retardant cased batteries are specifically designed for just such a necessity.

Our world depends on electricity for everything – from large-scale industry to small business, the uses and benefits of electric power are virtually endless. When it comes to our safety, however, reliable access to power is of even greater importance. The systems that protect our lives and our property must always be vigilant, and that requires security battery solutions that are both dependable and robust.

Power-Sonic PS General Purpose Batteries

The Power-Sonic PS series have been evaluated and approved for use in fire and security systems including alarms as per the
CSIRO ActivFire Requirements.

Designed for General purpose standby use with a 5 year design life

  • General UPS
  • Back up for small fire or security systems

Power-Sonic PG Fire Retardant Range

Designed for the rigorous demands of telecom, utility and UPS Industries with a 10 year design life and  flame retardant case

  • High end UPS for Telecom, Utility and signalling application
  • Larger Ah float applications such as Signalling and Sub-station back up.
  • Ideal for large security and fire installations

Power-Sonic PS Series

Power-Sonic PS Series have been evaluated and APPROVED by ActivFire CSIRO. Designed for general purpose standby and light cyclic applications, the Power-Sonic PS range is a great economical option. Featuring all of the excellent Power-Sonic characteristics outlined in the overview, they have been designed as a low lost alternative.

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Zeal AGM Series

The Zeal AGM range is a quality range ideally suited for a wide range of general purpose and cost critical applications.

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Zeal Fire And Security Series

The Zeal AGM Fire and Security is available in a range of sizes to suit applications in standby, recreation, UPS, Fire & Security, generators and medical equipment.

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Zeal Lithium Series

Zeal lithium is an economical 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) solution by Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) which provides the core performance and safety advantages of a modern lithium battery in a sturdy design.

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