Upgraded PS SuperSport Batteries

Sealed Performance Batteries is pleased to announce an upgraded and more reliable PS SuperSport battery in conventional AGM and modern lithium technology. Available now, the upgraded PS SuperSport batteries will feature the latest technology to meet the demanding requirements of modern motorcycles, jet skis and other recreational vehicles.

Our technical team has carefully selected the latest range based on our customer feedback that demanded a more modern battery. This also coincidentally resulted in a physically larger range, allowing customers to conveniently cater to the end-user by providing generic sizing. Further to this, the range has undergone specialised testing and quality control personally overseen by our Technical Advisor to ensure the product being promoted is true.

The latest upgrades improve on both the AGM and Lithium ranges. But with demand increasing for lithium technology, this range will see the most significant improvements and investment.

The batteries that have been selected for the lithium range are a slightly bigger physical size compared to the previous range. However, the advantage of this is that the battery can directly drop in to replace over 90% of generic AGM batteries and gains a significant CCA and Amp-hour improvement as there is more space for additional cells.

The upgrade is so significant that the battery can supersede the last by almost 200CCA. For example, the new SPLFP-20L has  an additional 190CCA and can easily replace a PTX20BS AGM battery.

Whereas the increase in CCA will allow our customers to cater to a broader range of vehicles from one battery option and be especially useful in motorcycle applications, A significant increase in Amp-hour for most of the range will be perfect for applications that have accessories running, such as a jet-ski. For example, an end-user would now be able to run sounders or a sump pump for a longer time if they use an SPLFP-7L battery, which has seen a 50%  increase in amp-hours.

This is all possible due to the PS SuperSport lithium pouch cell design. Because pouch cells achieve a packing efficiency of 90%-95%, contain a low internal resistance, and are of a higher density, they can be customised for applications requiring intermittent high-current, sustained lower currents and higher temperatures.

Finally, the BMS has been upgraded to safely manage high currents and a rugged ABS case ensures the battery can withstand the most demanding environments. All while being presented in a modern matte black case with voltage display and packaged in a cherry red glossy box to draw maximum attention.

On the other hand, the AGM batteries will see a reduced range but feature many of the same physical sizes as the previous and include improvements to the CCA. And although it is only a slight improvement, it does represent a much-needed upgrade and consolidation of the PS SuperSport AGM range that will cater to the majority of the market.

Overall the PS SuperSport range will see significant technical improvements that will allow our customers to offer a superior and reliable product that end-users will not only want but will recommend. And although the range has been adjusted slightly, 95% of applications will be supported by either a lithium or AGM alternative. This adjustment to the range will also make the ordering and selection process much more manageable for everyone involved in purchasing a PS SuperSport battery.

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