Starting batteries are found mostly in automotive applications. However, they can also be found in some standby applications, especially backup starting power for fire pumps and generators. Sealed Performance Battery’s most popular starting batteries are in the Energizer Automotive and ACDelco range. The most common technology used is a calcium/calcium design, but with vehicles continuing to incorporate start/stop technology AGM and EFB batteries are becoming more popular due to their starting power and durability. The measurement used to calculate the starting power in these batteries are Cranking Amps (CA) and/or Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This measurement indicates the starting power and is calculated by observing how much current can be discharged over 15 seconds at 0oC (CA) and -18oC (CCA). Generally speaking a battery with a higher CCA has more starting power.

Starting batteries that are more useful for commercial and industrial applications such as fire pumps and generators can be found in the Power Sonic and Zeal ranges. Their CCA can usually be found on the specification sheet or the battery itself.

acdelco batteries

ACDelco is a company that has been associated with automotive, marine and car battery products for over 100 years. Starting life as the Remy Electric Company in 1901 AC Delco batteries has grown to be a global supplier of premium auto and marine parts sold throughout the world. Having the global support helps them to leverage resources and bring you aftermarket solutions wherever you are.

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Energizer automotive batteries include an extensive range of batteries that have been hand selected by SPB for the Australian market, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to fitting the right battery in your vehicle, boat, or lawn mower.

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Power-Sonic Automotive Batteries

The use of high purity electrolyte improves the use of active material and reduces self-discharging in the battery.  Along with strict quality control of each manufacturing process, Power-Sonic Long Life Batteries provide exceptional performance and reliability.

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Invicta Lithium

The Invicta Lithium brand provides endurance and ultimate power in the harshest of environments as well as protects against unwanted power failure.

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The Zeal AGM range is a quality range ideally suited for a wide range of general purpose and cost critical applications.

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Manufactured specifically for the harsh Australian conditions, the Forge longest golf cart range are already gaining traction across not only Golf cart applications but also other deep cyclic applications such as scissor and forklifts and electric mobility devices.

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PS Super Sport

PS SuperSport lithium and AGM batteries offer a complete line of batteries to meet all of your Motorsport and Powersport needs.

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