Absorbed Glass Matt/VRLA and Enhanced Flooded Batteries are the latest maintenance-free Sealed Lead Acid battery technology development and are suitable for a range of Automotive and Industrial applications. Energizer Automotive and ACDelco Automotive batteries in the AGM and EFB ranges are most suitable for vehicles that have a Start/Stop function and some heavy-duty vehicles. This is due to their higher performance and durable cell design. As vehicles continue to develop technologically, these systems demand more power and durability, something that only Energizer and ACDelco batteries can provide to automotive applications. They are also resistant to damaging vibrations as the internal components are held tightly together.

Some AGM batteries are also more suited to semi-cycle/starting applications, such as those found in the Energizer and ACDelco marine ranges. Others may be more useful for deep-cycle only or standby applications. These can be found in our Power-Sonic and Zeal Ranges.

acdelco batteries

ACDelco is a company that has been associated with automotive, marine and car battery products for over 100 years. Starting life as the Remy Electric Company in 1901 AC Delco batteries has grown to be a global supplier of premium auto and marine parts sold throughout the world. Having the global support helps them to leverage resources and bring you aftermarket solutions wherever you are.

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Energizer automotive batteries include an extensive range of batteries that have been hand selected by SPB for the Australian market, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to fitting the right battery in your vehicle, boat, or lawn mower.

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Power-Sonic Rechargeable Batteries

The wide range of Power-Sonic rechargeable AGM batteries ensures whatever your application there is a battery designed to suit your requirements.

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The Zeal AGM range is a quality range ideally suited for a wide range of general purpose and cost critical applications.

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PS Super Sport

PS SuperSport lithium and AGM batteries offer a complete line of batteries to meet all of your Motorsport and Powersport needs.

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