SPB’s National Head Office And Distribution Centre Achieves ISO Certification

ISO certification is an important internationally recognised tool as it stringently audits the internal processes and systems of businesses. It adds global credibility to a business by easily displaying that its products and services deliver positive outcomes through robust systems and checks. It is a tool that SPB has relied on for many years to identify suppliers that produce quality products for our customers.

For some businesses, an ISO certification is a legal or contractual requirement. For others, it proves to their customers that they are a legitimate and mature business committed to innovative and strong practices to provide the best outcomes for suppliers and customers alike.

SPB is proud to announce ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification, 14001 Environment certification, and 45001 Safety certification of their National Head Office and Distribution Centre in Brisbane. An achievement and acknowledgement that the business’s current systems to address these areas are compliant globally. And although not required by law to have ISO Certification, it will help global organisations easily recognise SPB as a business dedicated to maintaining the highest standards to achieve the best outcomes for their customers and suppliers. A value that more and more organisations are seeking in themselves and others.

Achieving ISO Certifications in these areas required stringent auditing of policies and procedures over 3 months and involved input from multiple teams across the business. A task that shows that SPB is a mature business that is progressive and ready to take the next step in being a globally recognised business. A company committed to good practices, due diligence, employee wellbeing and positive customer outcomes.

It also demonstrates that SPB is committed to a future in the energy storage industry and that their current systems are perfectly designed to place them at the forefront by fostering growth in quality, environment and safety.

ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used standards globally and will elevate SPB to a level that is recognised across the world. The latest 2015 accreditations standard acknowledges businesses systematic approach to managing internal processes, which allows continual improvement and provide an objective approach to decision-making through measurement and analysis. Its simplest form will prove businesses understand what customers want and can deliver them efficiently—resulting in consistency of product, streamlined understanding of the business, and efficient response to defects and errors.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, ISO 14001 is becoming more popular. It aims to control the impacts of a business’s activities on the environment. Not only are companies more active in seeking out other organisations with this accreditation, but as part of SPB’s commitment to being a responsible supplier to the energy storage industry, it will guarantee their environmental processes are closely managed. Giving suppliers and customers alike the confidence that SPB’s ecological commitments and values will be realised.

Like many businesses, safety is no.1 at SPB, and an ISO 45001 certified safety system further confirms they are more than capable of assessing everchanging legal obligations, hazards identification and safety risks within the business. For many organisations, including SPB, zero harm and 100% legal compliance around safety is paramount. However, there are many challenges in achieving this, including legislative, environmental and operationally. A safety framework that is ISO 45001 certified will confirm the business can adapt and adequately manage these challenges to ensure a safe workplace. The benefits of achieving ISO 45001 is that employees feel safer, are safer and are happier in the workplace and that customers can be sure that the product they have bought and supported has not put anyone in harm’s way.

Overall, SPB is looking forward to being recognised as an ISO Certified business in the energy storage and battery industry. An achievement that is well earned and overdue after 25 years of business. It will confirm that the company is ready on a globally recognisable level and ensure it is the business of choice for many future partners, domestically and abroad.