SPB to enter solar energy industry with Spectrum Energy Storage solution

SPB’s latest brand, Spectrum Energy Storage Solutions, to enter the Australia solar energy storage industry by bringing together world-class manufactures LuxPower Inverters and Dyness Energy Storage System. The systems together represent the latest technology that will cater to a rapidly evolving domestic market and include a range of 5K Hybrid Inverters, AC Coupled Inverters and fully compatible LiFePO4 Battery.

Officially released in April, but available now, the Spectrum brand will be entering an industry where utilities are looking to take more control of the grid, installers are tired of inferior products, and end-users are demanding more value from their investment due to the declining rate of feed-in tariffs.

The inverter by LuxPower is designed with a smart integrated application that can connect to the grid and is optimised to run on multiple systems, including paralleling and micro-grid, that work in several modes including grid-tied, hybrid, and off-grid.  Along with being VPP and DRM ready, these features make the inverter a truly market-leading technology.

The inverter range also utilises an integrated UPS feature for seamless, uninterrupted transfer from the grid to the battery in the instance of black-out and does not require grid power to operate. A free digital app is also available that allows users, installers and the manufacturer the ability to monitor, update and troubleshoot the system remotely.

With both Hybrid and AC couples options available, the product will suit either new installations or existing systems that need retrofitting.


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“ We have been in the energy storage industry for over 25 years, and we understand that what our customers want is a quality product that is easy to install, has good aftersales support and that their customers get the most efficient system possible,” said Ryan Hammond, Director.

In addition, the Spectrum solution also takes advantage of a LiFePO4 Energy storage system made by Dyness, which has up to 10 years of life and is among the safest and best-performing technology available. The Dyness system includes an LV and HV range starting from 2.4kWh scalable up to 100s of kWhs and is fully customisable to suit the users’ needs due to its modular design.

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All products meet Australia’s extensive certification standards which include, but not limited to, CEC and IEC and come with a nationwide warranty and support team at no additional cost. Furthermore, their technology has been rated to IP65 and tested under real-world domestic conditions at their test site on the Gold Coast to ensure its high quality and performance in Australia’s unique environment.

Through bringing together two leading manufacturers, the Spectrum brand will be suitable for a wide range of applications including residential and commercial buildings and be compatible with several other solar energy storage and inverter brands. As a result, Spectrum will represent the pinnacle in inverter and energy storage technology and will meet the needs of an evolving industry.

SPB are please to be the official distributors of LuxPower inverters and Dyness energy storage systems. Spectrum is a brand of SPB, which is an Australian owned company with over 25 years’ experience in the energy storage industry. SPB is a distributor of energy and storage products including ACDelco, BOSCH, Invicta Lithium and Garo EV Chargers. 

Located in a modern warehouse complex south of Brisbane and with warehouses, in Melbourne and Sydney, they provide customers with the world’s best portable energy storage products throughout Australasia and the Pacific regions and only source products from companies who manufacture to the ISO 9000 quality management system or above.

For more information about pricing and availability on the complete range of Spectrum products, please contact the team at SPB on 1300 001 772 or email [email protected]

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