SPB Launch Energizer Automotive Range In Australia

Global brands, Energizer and Clarios, partner with local battery distributors, Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB), for launch in the Australian automotive battery market. With Energizer automotive products already existing throughout various global regions, the introduction of the Energizer automotive range in Australia is an exciting progression for the brand and an addition to the SPB family. The partnership aims to cut through an already crowded market by relying on high-quality products, instantly recognisable branding and support from professional businesses with unrivaled knowledge of the industry. A proposition that vehicle owners and businesses will have plenty to look forward to as SPB, Energizer and Clarios cement the Energizer name in the Australian automotive battery market.

SPB has been a national leader in the supply of energy storage products for over 25 years. Although its origins are rooted in the automotive sector, its experience and knowledge extend far beyond that, with investment in AGM, lithium, EV and solar industries. Also known for its partnerships with leading brands and manufacturers, SPB only partners with businesses that comply with ISO 9001 Quality Management standards. This experience in the battery industry and prioritisation of quality makes a partnership with Energizer and Clarios a smart but inevitable decision from which the Australian automotive aftermarket will benefit.

“This is an exciting time for SPB, it is not very often you get to work with brands and businesses like these, and to be able to include them in the SPB family is a great opportunity for our business and our customers’ businesses. We are definitely looking forward to the long game and cementing the Energizer brand in the Australian automotive industry for years to come,” said Greg Roberts, SPB Managing Director, on becoming the national distributor and importer of Energizer automotive batteries.

With stock available this month, the Energizer range has been hand-picked for the Australian market using SPB’s 25+ years of knowledge and will suit even the most unique vehicles on Australian roads. The range of batteries includes the most popular automotive sizes and chemistries, including Calcium/Calcium, EFB, and AGM technologies and sizes and specifications that will benefit commercial, marine, and European vehicles. Early next year customers and end-users will also be able to access a new Energizer website built specifically for the Australian market. This will host a number of features that includes fitment resources and buying guides while all delivered by Energizer’s unique brand.

Additionally, the launch of Energizer automotive in Australia will look to promote and grow even the smallest workshop or largest reseller thanks in part to a dealer program that is focused on supporting business in the Energizer automotive reseller network. It includes merchandise, signage, digital marketing additions, and detailed fitment guides that will be a great addition to any automotive business. And with a focus on providing national marketing campaigns that target their resellers’ local areas, businesses that sign up with Energizer automotive batteries will have a unique opportunity.

The Energizer brand is an instantly recognisable brand focused on responsibly creating products to make lives easier and more enjoyable. That same focus on customer satisfaction and product quality will now benefit Australian consumers and business owners in the Automotive industry and enjoy the confidence and comfort of knowing an Energizer battery is in their vehicle, boat, truck or lawnmower. A level of confidence and comfort from which businesses can leverage and grow.

The batteries, developed under the guidance of Clarios, a global Automotive battery manufacturer, also add another level of assurance and innovation. With their experience and knowledge of developing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced and reliable Automotive batteries, Energizer’s Australian automotive batteries will be a leader in the market. Clarios’ relationships with global car manufacturers and willingness to invest in innovative products will ensure that the batteries designed today are at the highest specifications possible and are ready to meet the demands of next-generation vehicles.

Clarios is the global leader in advanced, low-voltage battery technologies for mobility. They power progress through ever-smarter solutions for virtually every kind of vehicle. With 16,000 employees in over 140 countries, they bring deep expertise to their Aftermarket and OEM partners, and reliability, safety and comfort to everyday lives. They answer to the planet with a rigorous ESG focus – advancing best-in-class sustainability practices and advocating for them across their industry. They recover, recycle and reuse up to 99% of their battery materials. Clarios is a subsidiary of Brookfield business Partners.

This partnership with Energizer, SPB and Clarios is an exciting addition to the Australian automotive battery industry and will to cut through an already crowded market. Using high-quality products, instantly recognisable brands, and supported by professional businesses there is no doubt that SPB, Energizer and Clarios will be a leading force in the Australian automotive battery industry. If you are looking to become an Energizer automotive reseller please contact the team at SPB on 1300 001 772 or [email protected] to get availability and introductory deals.

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