Sentry Lithium To Become Invicta Lithium

Sentry Lithium To Become Invicta Lithium

Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) is proud to announce the renaming of our Sentry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) battery as Invicta Lithium Batteries. At SPB, we felt that the previous name, Sentry, was too rigid, did not resonate with the user and would not be representative of the product’s future direction as we push for a more advanced product.

As a result, we thought long and hard about what our lithium battery means to us but more importantly what it means to our customers and what it will mean as the product moves forward. We came to understand that a lithium battery is universally an essential component for various types of applications and that our customers chose our product as it represents the most innovative and highest performing lithium technology available in the market.

Greg Roberts, Managing Director at SPB said “It’s been a while since we had a hard look at what our lithium battery really means to our customers and I believe that this change in name, although small, will have a significant long-term impact on the product”.

This led to SPB choosing Invicta as the new name for its lithium batteries, a Latin word and motto meaning ‘to be unconquerable’.

At SPB we felt this name represents the robustness, energy and reliability of our lithium battery and that these qualities are required to be an unconquerable power source in the lithium market. Furthermore, users can be sure that the application it is partnered with is performing to its highest possible ability even in the toughest of conditions.

In addition, the Invicta name will also serve as an ongoing commitment to our customers that in order to remain unconquered you must adapt and develop. That being said, we promise to continually develop our product and remain focused on providing our customer’s applications a superior power source that is safe, smart, robust and efficient.

Ryan Hammond, Technical Director at SPB said “As the world is looking to create a more environmentally sustainable future, we are seeing a phenomenal increase in investment to further develop lithium technology. Technology that can benefit our customers as we apply it to our own batteries”.

During this name change, you will also notice that our social media, websites, and labeling will change over the next few weeks and in the interest of all parties involved, we will be aiming to make this as seamless as possible. Despite this change in name, our customers can be confident that Invicta will continue to be the beating heart that provides safe, smart, robust and efficient lithium energy to the many applications that rely on it every day and will continue to be IEC62619 Certified.