PS SuperSport Lithium

PS SuperSport offers a complete line of batteries to meet all of your power sports requirements. Manufactured using the highest quality parts and engineered to withstand the toughest of environments, PS SuperSport batteries are your go-to when you need high performance and reliability in a small package. Designed with the modern power sports application in mind you need only ask for a PS SuperSport to get your motorcycle, jet-ski or other recreational vehicle started.

Consisting of safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) pouch cells that are managed by an internal BMS, the PS SuperSport range represents a battery that is leading the way in safe energy storage for power sports applications.

Because of its LifePO4 construction, the battery also has a life of over 2000 cycles and a low discharge rate which lowers the total cost of ownership and has the ability to crank even after 12 months of non-use, when disconnected. In addition, these batteries are also a third of the weight of equivalent SLA batteries to improve the handling performance of the vehicle and come with a 24 month warranty.

Finally, the external case of the PS SuperSport range has been specially moulded with a flame retardant additive that can resist up to 230oC of heat and is water-resistant for utilisation in all conditions.

A convenient voltmeter has also been added to the case to ensure users always know how much power is in their battery with the push of a button.


  • Motor Cycles
  • Scooters
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s)
  • Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis)
  • Snow Mobiles
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Feature & Benefits
  • Smart BMS Protection
  • Safe LifePO4 Chemistry
  • Heat Resistant Design
  • High CCA Performance
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Fast Recharge Time
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • 65% Lighter Than SLA
  • Long Life (>2000 cycles)
  • Pouch Cell construction
  • Vibration and skid resistant
  • Can be installed in any direction
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Weight (Kgs)
PTZ5S, PTX4LBS-FS, PTX4LBS, CB4L-A, CB4L-B, GTZ5S, CTZ5S, YTZ5S, GM4A-3B, M224LA, YB4L-A, 4LB, GM4-3B, YB4L-B, M224LB/M324LB, 740-1861PTZ7S-FS, PTX5LBS-FS, PTX5LBS, GTZ7S, FAYTZ7S, M727ZS, CTZ7S, YTZ7SPTX7LBS-FS, PTX7L-BS, GTX7L-BS, GTX7L-BS, CYTX7L-BS, M327BS, CTX7L-BS, YTX7L-BS.PT7B4-FS, GT7B-4, CYT7B-BS, M62T7B, CT7B-4, YT7B-BSPTZ10S, PTX7ABS-FS, PTX7ABS, PTX12ABS-FS, PTX12ABS, GTZ10S-BS, FAYTZ10S, M7210A, CTZ10S, YTZ10S, PTX7ABS, PTX9BS-FS, PTX9-BS, ETX9, 9BS, GTX9-BS, GTX9-BS, CYTX9-BS, M329BS/M429BS, 740-1825, 44025, ES9BS, CTX9-BS, YTX9-BSPTZ14S-FS, PTZ12S, GTZ14S, FAYTZ14BS, M72Z14, CTZ14S, YTZ14SPTX12BS-FS, PT12B4-FS, GT12B-4, GT12B-4, CYT12B-BS, M6212B, CT12B-4, YT12B-BS, ETX12, 12BS, GTX12-BS, GTX12-BS, CYTX12-BS, M3RH2S/M4RH2S, 740-1866, 44016, ES12BS, CTX12-BS, YTX12-BSPTX14BS-FS, PTX14BS, PTZ16H, ETX14 14BS, GTX14-BS, CYTX14-BS, M3RH4S/M4RH4S, 740-1886, 44017, ES14BS, CTX14-BS, YTX14-BS, GYZ16HPTX14AHBS-FS, PTX14AH-BS, CB14-A2, CB14-B2, CB14A-A, CB14A-A2, ETX15, GTX14AH-BS, CYTX14AH-BS, M62H4A/M72H4A, 44004, ES14AH-BS, CTX14AH-BS, YTX14AH-BS, GM14Z-4A, YB14A-2, M2214H/M3214H, 740-1864, YB14B-2, M224B2, 14AA1, GM14AZ-4A, YB14A-A1, M224A1/M324A1, 740-1826, 14AA2, GM14AZ-4A-1, YB14A-A2, M2214A/M3214A, 740-1860, 44361, ES14AA2PTX14AHLBS-FS, PTX14AHL-BS, CB14L-A2, CB14L-B2, SCB14L-A2, SCB14L-B2, 12N14-3A, ETX15L, GTX14AHL-BS, CYT14AHL-BS, M62H4L/M72H4L, 44005, CTX14AHL-BS, YTX14AHL-BS, 14LA2, GM14Z-3A, YB14L-A2, M2214Y/M3214Y, 740-1851, 44364, ES14LA2, GM14Z-3B, YB14L-B2, M2214B, 740-1828, SYB14L-A2, M2214S, SYB14L-B2, M22B4S, 143A, M2241B/M3241B, 740-1856PTX20HBS-FS, PTX20BS-FS, PTX20BS, CB18-A, GTX20-BS, CYTX20-BS, M32RBS/M42RBS, 740-1824, CTX20H, GYZ20H, YTX20-B, GM18A-4A, YB18-A, M2281Y/M3281Y, 740-1874PTX20HLBS-FS, PTX20LBS-FS, PTX20L-BS, CB18L-A, ETX20L, 20LBS, GTX20L-BS, CYTX20L-BS, M320BS/M4220BS, 740-1890, 44027, ES20LBS, CTX20L-BS, YTX20L-BS, 18LA, GM18A-3A, YB18L-A, M2218L/M3218L, 740-1871NAPTX19CLBS-FS, PTX19CL-BS, CB16CLB, ETX16L, GT16L-BS, 44031, ES16L-BS, CTX19L-BS, YTX20HL-PW, 16CLB, GM16AZ-3B, YB16CL-B, M2S6CL/M3S6CL, 740-1862, 44001, ES16CLB