Power-Sonic Lithium Series

Lithium based technology is becoming increasingly popular due to it high cycle life and reduced weight. There are a number of different Lithium technologies which exist, each with their own set of characteristics, the range from Power-Sonic are of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) composition. LiFePO4 has high current rating, long cycle life is tolerant to full charge and most importantly is one of the safest Lithium technologies available.

LiFePO4 technology from Power-Sonic is a premium offering for battery technology. With it strong overall characteristics and safety benefits, along with 3.2V per cell, it can be easily used as a SLA replacement with a voltage of around the 12.8V when in a standard configuration.

The Power-Sonic range LiFePO4 range include a number of different configurations with the standard offering being that which allow you to connect to the battery monitoring system via a PC in order to interrogate the battery to really understand it performance.

General attributes include greater cycle life at increase Depth of Discharge (DoD) one third of the weight of standard SLA options along with charging 4 times faster the LiFePO4 is ideal for those applications which require deep depth of cycle along with constant cycling.

  • Compact and only 40% of the weight of comparable capacity SLA batteries. Making it much easier to handle and transport.
  • Extraordinary cycle life ~2,500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD), outlasting the equivalent cycle life of 8 SLA batteries.
  • 2½ hours recharge time (C/2) under recommended conditions.
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS) controls the parameters of the battery to provide optimum safety and performance. Among other functions, the BMS balances the battery cells and protects against overcharging or over discharging.
  • Safe and stable chemistry. The use of lithium iron phosphate greatly reduces the risk or combustion or explosion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuit situations.
  • The battery will communicate with most smart charging systems.
  • The SMbus provides access to a battery history log.
  • Rugged plastic case and cover, flame retardant (FR) to UL94 V-O
  • The battery cells are manufactured with internationally patented lithium iron phosphate powder from Phostech.
  • UN 38.3, UL1642, UL2054, IEC62133, FCC* and CE approved.
DescriptionLiFePO4 12V 45Ah PCM SMBusLiFePO4 24V 20Ah PCM
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Weight (Kgs)5.85.9