Invicta Monitors

Invicta Golf Cart Monitors

Wired and Wireless Monitors For Your Golf Cart Battery

The Invicta Golf Cart monitors are available in wired or wireless options that can work simultaneously with each other and provide accurate data to your smartphone device (via Bluetooth module) or supplied gauge (wired version). Compatible only with the Invicta Lithium Golf Cart batteries, they are easy to install in as little as 5 minutes and connect via a CAN bus communication port directly to the BMS, providing extremely accurate data to the monitor, even when paralleled. They are also IP54-rated for protection from water and dust, so your unit will continue working even if you run into a bit of rain.

  • SNLMBT48V (Bluetooth Module)
  • SNLMSOC48V (Wired)

Easily Monitor

  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current (Amps)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)*
  • Battery BMS Faults*

*not available on wired SOC gauge

**Only Compatible with Invicta Lithium Golf Cart batteries

Invicta Bluetooth Applications

Free Applications For Monitoring Your Invicta Battery

Invicta Bluetooth applications for monitoring your Invicta Lithium battery are available in two versions. This includes our original Invicta Lithium monitoring app which is suitable for the SNLX (Xero) and SNL (Deep-Cycle) ranges. Our other Invicta Hybrid app is suitable for our SNLH (Hybrid) and SNLSS (Super Slim) ranges. Each one includes unique special features, with both providing live SOC and BMS information to ensure you have the most.

Invicta Lithium Legion App For SNLX, SNLMBT, and SNL*

The latest app from Invicta gives  the most accurate and live data from your battery or/and system direct to your phone or smart device, no smart shunt required. Connect to an individual battery or create a system and monitor the performance of all your batteries from one dashboard. Designed to work with SNLX batteries and the SNL* batteries (SNL batteries has limited functionality) you can monitor SOC, current, voltage, temperature, protections and much more. It also allows users to connect Victron Cerbo GX devices and receive live data to their VRM Portal. For more information and to download click the link below.

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Invicta Lithium App For SNL Batteries

The Bluetooth (BT) range of Invicta Lithium batteries allows the user to conveniently monitor the status of the battery via a free application which is available on Apple and Android devices. This can be especially useful if the battery is placed in a hard to reach spot such as a battery box or behind a seat.

Through the Invicta Bluetooth app users can easily view the volts, remaining capacity, current draw and status of the Battery Management System (BMS). This is much easier and more accurate than testing through conventional means and removes the need to install expensive external equipment.

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Invicta Hybrid App For SNLH & SNLSS Batteries

All Invicta Hybrid Starter and Super Slim batteries are able to connect to the Invicta Hybrid Bluetooth monitoring app. Available for free on the Apple and Google Play stores it allows users to easily and conveniently access the performance data of their desired Invicta Hybrid battery.

In addition, the app can also be used to activate the Jump-Start feature without the need to physically access the battery.  An especially useful feature that eliminates the need to pop the hood of your vehicle or if the battery is located in a hard to reach location. To activate the Jump-Start feature, simply open the app and it will automatically prompt you to Jump-Start or charge the battery. Follow the directions, and you will be up and running in no time.

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* Jump Start feature not available on Super Slim batteries