Invicta Lithium Chargers

The Invicta lithium charger is a purpose-built device specifically designed to match the Invicta charge profile and is available in 12V40A, 24V20A, 36V20A and 48V18A models.

Complete with an easy-to-read LCD display and battery ‘Wake-Up’ feature, the Invicta charger is a must for anyone looking to maintain their Invicta battery easily. Simply connect the charger and let it do its thing. Designed with a multi-stage charging algorithm that utilises the latest in lithium charging technology for lithium batteries and used every day by our technicians for maintaining and testing our own Invicta batteries, you can be sure this charger will keep your battery toped up. By using an Invicta Charger, you can also be sure you are maximising the life of you battery. Other AGM and SLA chargers could damage a lithium battery and do not always deliver the right voltage required for lithium batteries. A purpose-built lithium charger ensures this won’t happen.

Essential Certification

Invicta Lithium Chargers come with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) tick of approval. A necessary certification for any power supply that uses an AC supply, it ensures the product has been tested and complies with a strict testing procedure for the user’s safety. For more information on the RCM mark please click here

Invicta Lithium Charger Features & Benefits

• Lithium profile
• 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V models
• Automatic ‘Wake-Up’ feature
• Australian Certified
• Invicta recommended charger
• Convenient back-lit LCD display (not available SNLC12V20)
• Fan-driven cooling system
• Light-weight and sturdy case
• 12 Month Warranty

DescriptionInvicta LIthium AC Charger 12V 20AInvicta LIthium AC Charger 12V 40AInvicta LIthium AC Charger 24V 20AInvicta LIthium AC Charger 36V 20AInvicta LIthium AC Charger 48V 18A
Input240V AC240V AC240V AC240V AC240V AC
Output14.6V DC 20A14.6V DC 40A29.2V DC 20A43.8V DC 20A58.4V DC 18A
Battery TypeLithiumLithiumLithiumLithiumLithium