BMPRO Battery Monitoring

With BatteryCheck, you can really understand your recreational vehicle’s secondary battery when travelling. We all know that a simple measurement of voltage is not enough to really comprehend fully what is happening with your deep cycle battery.

Whether you are using your 12V power or charging the battery, you want to be 100% sure your battery is in good health and has enough power for your next adventure. BMPRO’s BatteryCheck range is a 12V battery monitor with the latest Bluetooth LE technology built in, so you can monitor your battery via smartphone with the app.

The new and improved app is highly intuitive, clear and easy to use. Download BatteryCheck100+PRO app from Google Play store or App Store and set the monitoring in minutes.

The BatteryCheck range is compatible with a range of standard 12V deep cycle batteries. It provides real time battery management data that allows users to effectively monitor remaining battery energy via a simple to use app.

Specially designed for recreational vehicles’ deep cycle batteries, BatteryCheck100 allows monitoring up to 100A maximum charge or discharge. For high current requirements (over 100A) and to monitor LiFePO4 batteries, use BatteryCheckPRO.

BatteryCheck100 is not suitable with engine cranking applications of any type and is not intended for under vehicle bonnet use.

Battery Parameters Monitored Are:

  • Voltage and Temperature
  • Charge/Discharge Current
  • State of Charge (SoC)
  • State of Health (SoH)
  • Estimated Discharge Time Remaining
Model BC100BCPRO
DescriptionBMPRO BatteryCheck100BMPRO BatteryCheckPRO
Input8V - 16V8V - 16V
OutputSee Specification SheetSee Specification Sheet
Battery TypeLead Acid, AGM, Gel, Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, LiFePO4