ACDelco AGM and EFB Batteries are available for a comprehensive range of automotive, commercial, transport, marine & other industrial applications charged and ready to go. Whether you have a car, truck, RV or a marine vehicle, an ACDelco battery can likely power it. From a battery that is competitively priced to one that can withstand harsh elements, ACDelco has a battery for just about every need. Plus, our batteries are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

The new range of ACDelco AGM and EFB batteries feature key new technologies to meet the demanding requirements of modern vehicles with Stop/Start technology.

With a global focus on clean air and green technology, vehicle manufacturers are producing, designing and selling more and more models with Stop/Start fuel saving features. By 2015 it is estimated that 70% of vehicles made and sold in the European Union will feature this technology.

With the ability to handle a greater depth of discharge, AGM and EFB batteries are also the right choice for high demand applications such as taxi’s, couriers and off-road vehicles.

ACDelco EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery

  • Evolved from the proven Sealed Maintenance Free range, our new EFB batteries are designed and manufactured to perform under the toughest conditions.
  • Ultra high density plate material for high corrosion resistance
  • Increased charge acceptance
  • High depth of discharge lifecycle
  • Wrought expanded grids with higher Sn (Tin) content
  • Ideally suited to active management charging systems, high demand

ACDelco AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat

  • Designed specially to handle the high demands placed on starting batteries by advanced vehicle
  • High compression fleece separator
  • Over double the cycle life compared with regular lead acid batteries
  • Maintenance free – completely leak and spill proof
  • Advanced construction – complex polypropylene case,
  • high precision cold formed battery terminals, six safety valves
  • High depth of discharge lifecycle
  • Greater resistance to vibration
DescriptionS60L2AGM ACDelco LN2 AGMS70L3AGM ACDelco LN3 AGMS80L4AGM ACDelco LN4 AGMS92L5AGM ACDelco LN5 AGMS105L6AGM ACDelco LN6 AGMS34B20LAGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS34B20RAGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS46B24LAGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS46B24RAGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS55090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS56090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS57090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS58090AGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopS59590AGM ACDelco AGM Start/StopSM42B20LEFB ACDelco Enhanced FloodedSM42B20REFB ACDelco Enhanced FloodedSN55B24LEFB ACDelco Enhanced FloodedSQ85D23LEFB ACDelco Enhanced FloodedSQ85D23REFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedSS95D26LEFB ACDelco Enhanced FloodedSS95D26REFB Ac Delco Enhanced FloodedST110D31LEFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedST110D31REFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedS56030EFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedS57038EFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedSLBN3-65EFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedSLBN4-EFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedSLN4-80EFB AC Delco Enhanced FloodedSLN5-95EFB AC Delco Enhanced Flooded
Max Height
(Inc. Terminal)