New GLB EV Charging Range Now Available

Sealed Performance Batteries along with GARO are excited to announce the release of the new GLB EV charging range.

Introducing many new features, the innovative design of the GLB range makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Fully adaptable, the range is universally compatible with all car types. With additional options available such as RFID for security, and a meter option for monitoring of real-time and historical power usage, tailoring the unit to suit your charging infrastructure requirements is easy. With a new optional WiFi feature, programming and monitoring the charger is simple. This smart feature allows you to set charging to occur during off-peak times for cost effective charging or specify a maximum load demand to ensure no more tripped breakers regardless of what else is in use as well as monitor the energy usage when used along with an energy meter. This makes the GLB range ideal for home use as well as apartment and multilevel car parking just to name a few.

The new, state-of-the-art Dynamic Load Balancing feature is an important one. A safeguard, this unique feature enables a maximum power demand to be set and automatically manages the throughput to ensure this limit is never exceeded. For example, if the maximum capacity available is 22kW, this limit is set in the master unit. During charging, the master will distribute 22kW to the charger in use. Should additional EVs plug into other available chargers, the master will distribute the load balance equally.

A maximum of 32 EV chargers can be configured, making the GLB range perfect for settings where limiting the maximum power demand for multiple chargers is essential, such as apartment blocks, shopping centres and car parks.

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