Invicta Warranty Extends To 7-years

Invicta lithium has continued to surpass expectations and easily push past 1000 days of continuous operation at just over 2 cycles per day, during independent testing conducted under Australian conditions. This has resulted in an industry first for the recreational lithium (LiFePO4) market, and Invicta will be extending their full replacement warranty to seven years.

The recreational lithium (LiFePO4) market has always been troubled with misinformation about safety and quality. Businesses importing inferior products have not helped, and understandably consumers have continued to be somewhat sceptical of the market, especially when it is so hard to confirm claims made by a supplier.

Invicta decided to stand out from the pack, put their money where their mouth is and embark on a mission to prove to the market that their batteries are of the highest possible quality. This started with the introduction of IEC62619 certification on the complete battery unit still unique in this space and also the exposing of their internal components.

However, to truly confirm the actual performance during the life of the battery, a more extensive and prolonged cycle test needed to be completed. An analysis that to their knowledge had not been undertaken in the Australian market.

Greg Roberts, SPB Director, explained, “I believe the reason no one has undertaken this test is due partly to the equipment, time and experience required, but also a reluctance to reveal their performance or lack of, especially by the cheaper products.”

The testing, an industry first for this type of battery, was conducted by BMPRO in their Melbourne warehouse and started back in November 2017. It exposed the battery to real-world operating conditions in a warehouse, discharging the battery to 98% depth of discharge, and recharging it back up using a lithium compatible battery charger.

Ryan Hammond, SPB Technical Director, said “Most lithium batteries do conduct testing, but it is not to the extent and level of Invicta’s. It is usually held in a controlled environment, and only to the first 500 cycles, they then project the remaining cycles and performance based on simulations. Further to this the cycle life tests undertaken in the factory are normally only performed on the cells and not the battery as a whole”

So far the Invicta battery being tested has completed over 1000 days of continuous operation, over 2 cycles a day, and has easily surpassed its stated 2000 cycle performance with plenty to go until it reaches end-of-life. With the addition of its IEC certification, this result has instilled a high level of confidence that the Invicta battery will provide safe, smart, robust and efficient energy but has also cemented Invicta as a high-quality battery that has proven its performance.

As a result of this confidence, Invicta has unveiled a 7-year warranty so that their customers can also be confident that the lithium battery they purchase will last today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

“It feels great to be able to offer this warranty to our customers and will really set a benchmark for what is possible from a lithium battery and hopefully provide a level of confidence in the lithium market.” Said Mr Roberts.

Confidence that is important to have when dealing with a product that is so difficult for the average joe to determine whether the performance of that product being sold to them is real or overstated.

The Invicta lithium battery is available from Sealed Performance Batteries and their resellers with the warranty to unveiled on August 21, 2020. Invicta is a brand of Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB), a company with over 25 years in the energy storage industry that consists of a highly technical team that specialises in energy storage and power distribution.


Testing Source BMPRO

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