Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) are Switched on When it Comes to Energy Storage Solutions

As the cost of power continues to increase and global understanding of the benefits of renewable energy continues to grow, so too does technology, research and development of applications and products to optimise energy storage solutions across both domestic and commercial sectors.

Always at the forefront of the latest innovations and progressions, Sealed Performance Batteries draw on a combination of long-term experience and expertise in the solar industry complemented by a suite of superior products from world leading brands to deliver highly effective energy storage solutions to a broad mix of clients for both off grid and hybrid applications.

Ryan Hammond, Director of Sealed Performance Batteries, believes the company’s longevity in an ever-evolving marketplace is testimony not only to the quality of their batteries, but of their understanding of the complexities of different energy storage requirements. From off grid applications, hybrid systems, frequency stabilisation and voltage regulation, through to the rapidly expanding arena of Electric Vehicles, Sealed Performance Batteries can recommend the right product to optimise cost efficiency and cycle life.

“We’ve been servicing the battery market for over twenty years, with many staff holding in excess of thirty years experience,” says Melbourne-based Hammond, a qualified electrical engineer specialising in solar energy storage. “Supplying batteries for off grid energy storage applications is not new to us – we’ve been involved in energy storage technology for well over a decade.”

This ‘finger on the pulse’ approach to their market has allowed Sealed Performance Batteries to keep abreast of cutting edge technologies and new product innovations. A commitment to quality and performance has seen them partner with leading US brand Power-Sonic for AGM and gel products, with lithium batteries sourced from a world leading European manufacturer Leclanche. “We’re able to offer the latest lithium technology fueled by Swiss engineering and German manufacturing. With this powerful combination we believe we have one of the highest quality products on the market.”

Sealed Performance Batteries’ products can be applied to applications of varying size and complexity, with the team available to act in a consultative capacity to help clients determine design and selection of the appropriate storage option for their particular application. Explains Hammond, “This could be based around load and usage requirements, as well as up time needs.”

Like most businesses involved in solar, Sealed Performance Batteries has collaborated with many early adopters, tackling projects across diverse industry sectors. They have a number of customers using their product in off grid applications, where previous usage has been most prominent, with more recent project work encompassing utility-style applications such as signaling stations and telecommunications to installation of hybrid residential applications on the Gold Coast.

Hammond is positive about Sealed Performance Batteries’ role in the future of energy storage solutions. The company has already seen a noticeable increase in energy storage-related enquiries, especially with regard to lithium technology. “The expectation is that lithium will be more cost effective as time progresses,” says Hammond. “The overriding consensus is that it will reduce costs, making it more commercially viable.”

With the ongoing shift from dependency on fossil fuels to renewable energy, and battery technology continuing to develop, Hammond believes that applications could reach a point where the reliance on fossil fuel generated energy is minimal, if at all. “Sealed Performance Batteries has the experience and the know how, as well as quality products backed by world leading brands, so we expect to play a significant role in the future of energy storage solutions.”

You can learn more about Sealed Performance Batteries range of energy storage products at, or visit their exhibitions at major energy trade shows around Australia, including All-Energy 2016 in Melbourne.