EMSYS – High Tech Wireless Battery Monitoring System (WBMS)

Sealed Performance Batteries always looking to keep at the forefront of technology, are proud to announce our latest product, the EMSYS Wireless Battery Monitoring System.

The Wireless Battery Monitoring System (WBMS) from EMSYS Design is a unique state of the art battery monitoring system, which is fast and simple to install. With no wires and a preconfigured system, the EMSYS WBMS is as easy as it gets. Through monitoring and recording critical parameters such as individual battery voltage, temperature and impedance as well as the option for DC bus voltage, current and ambient temperature, you can be sure you will always know what is going on with your battery banks. Designed specifically for Data centre UPS as well as substation UPS systems the ROI quickly becomes evident. With the EMSYS WBMS, you can turn your battery maintenance into predictive analysis and ensure the up time of your critical power systems. The system includes a full wireless BMS that features web enabled access allowing users to see the battery status using any web browser via desktop and handheld devices. The system can be used in industrial applications and endure extreme operating conditions. Additionally, the system can monitor an unlimited number of devices.
For more information please click the link below that will direct you to our product page or please feel free to contact us.