Leclanche Lithium Ion

For the ultimate in battery energy storage we recommend the Swiss designed, German manufactured Lithium Ion range from the world leading Lithium cell manufacturer, Leclanche. For maximum flexibility, the range includes two types of Lithium Ion technologies: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) and Lithium Titanate (NCO Titanate)

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Leclanché, founded in 1909 and listed on the Swiss stock exchange are one of the leading lithium-ion cell manufacturers in the world. With a head office in Switzerland and manufacturing facility in Germany where more than one million cells annually are manufactured and individually measured and tested prior to installation.

Leclanché operate under three business domains which include “Stationary”, “Portable” and “Distribution” leading to a broad range of product offering and even larger applications field from small portable battery power, battery packs for heavy electric vehicles such as Busses and Ferries right up to energy storage for residential and large scale grid services.

Leclanché can also provide customer-specific battery systems for special applications, such as medical and military as well as provides modern lithium-ion solutions and established storage technologies for homes, industrial facilities and power grid operators.

With the combination of Swiss engineering and German manufacturing you can be sure you will receives product of the highest quality when buying Leclanche.