Battery Monitoring

About Emsys Battery Monitoring

In these quickly evolving and changing times, every enterprise needs to look at ways to improve efficiency and remain competitive. Emsys solutions are designed to automate activities previously done by a technician: less time troubleshooting and identifying problems, and more time addressing action items.

By leveraging the latest wireless technologies, there are no wires to run, no hubs to install- installation costs have been lowered to almost nothing.

Emsys IoT based sensors are designed and improved with the customer’s evolving challenges in mind and provide modern solutions to modern problems.

Wireless Battery Monitoring

CellSPY measures Voltage, Temperature, and Resistance of each cell at configurable intervals; along with visual alarms, a sleek design, AR compatibility, and plug and play features make this the most advanced battery monitor on the market.

  • Accurate Voltage measurements (0.5%)
  • Accurate Temperature measurements (+/- 1C)
  • Accurate AC(Ripple) Voltage Measurement (1% accuracy)
  • Accurate Impedance Measurement (<3% error)

Wireless Current Transducer

The EMSYS Wireless Current Transducer measures the charge and discharge current with the same high accuracy regardless if the current is 1A, 400A, or even 1,000A

  • Dual core technology
  • High Accuracy and Linearity of Measurements
  • Non invasive thanks to the Hall effect

Wireless Ambient Monitor

The EMSYS Wireless Ambient Monitor provides ambient temperature in the cabinet and is useful in detecting faulty air conditioning or improper ventilation in a battery room. In conjunction with CellSPY, Wireless Ambient Monitors provide the most proactive detection of thermal runaway.

  • Accurate Temperature Measurement (+/- 0.01C)
  • Accurate Humidity Measurement (+/- 5%)
  • Accurate Pressure Measurement (+/- 0.5hPa)

Wireless Relay

The EMSYS Wireless Relay provides a way to remotely disconnect the power supply to a UPS. It is a critical element of the Thermal runaway protection system.

  • NO and NC varieties
  • 12-60 DCV Power Supply
  • Range exceeding 50m indoors


EMSYS tablets act as a gateway while simultaneously allowing users to interact directly with sensors in the corresponding cabinet.

  • Visual Alarming
  • 7in and 10in Variations
  • ARM Based Architecture

Mini Gateway

Our mini gateway is primarily designed for smaller and remote sites, often relaying data to a central gateway.

  • Compact and low power
  • Variety of Communication Protocols
  • ARM based architecture


The EMSYS Gateway is a standalone server used to collect data from the EMSYS family of wireless devices, allowing users to readily access collected data through a multitude of interfaces.

  • Variety of communication protocols
  • up to 2,000 monitors supported

Web Application

Our web-based application gives you complete visibility over your monitored assets, and the intuitive graphical interface means less time mastering a system, and more time doing what you need to do.