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We pride ourselves on providing a large range of batteries, and related battery solutions, from respected and renowned brands like ACDelco Batteries and Power-Sonic Batteries. At Sealed Performance Batteries we offer batteries covering all Automotive solutions, right through to batteries for technology and energy storage solutions as well as anything in between. We offer traditional Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, the latest AGM technologies and Lithium Ion products for most applications. In addition to our battery capabilities, we distribute electric vehicle service equipment from the European brand Garo, and battery monitoring solutions for any critical power applications.

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New Longest Golf Cart Batteries from Sentry

SPB are pleased to announce the NEW Longest Golf Cart Batteries from Sentry. These latest batteries are manufactured with extra thick plates and a unique lead sulphate application which increases their life cycle and maximises capacity.


New ACDelco AGM and EFB Batteries

SPB are pleased to announce the NEW AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) & EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) range from ACDelco which feature key new technologies that is exceeding the demands for modern vehicles with Stop/Start technology.

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New Power-Sonic Tubular Gel OPzV Range

SPB are pleased to announce the NEW Tubular Gel Range from Power-Sonic, The Tubular Gel range has been specifically designed for longer life, greater reliability and stronger resilience.


New Power-Sonic PSS Range

SPB are pleased to announce the NEW PSS range of AGM batteries specifically manufactured for Solar and critical power applications.