Solar Batteries for Energy Storage – The Future's Bright at Sealed Performance Batteries.


Australia receives more solar radiation per square foot than anywhere else on the globe, putting us in an ideal position to reap the benefits of energy storage for both domestic and commercial applications. While traditionally Australia has been seen as lagging behind in the push for renewable energy, we are world leaders in rooftop solar installation (1.4 million homes), with more than 15,000 businesses installing a solar power system in 2014, and numbers set to increase when Clean Energy Council release their latest statistics.

In light of the world’s rapid shift towards clean, renewable energy, considerable attention has been turned towards optimising energy storage solutions. As such, solar battery technology is advancing rapidly with the objective to offset the higher costs of energy and improve reliability in peak evening hours when the sun isn’t shining.

Sealed Performance Batteries – Australia’s premier wholesaler of energy and storage products – has been at the forefront of energy storage solutions over the last twenty years. The industry veterans have evolved with the fast moving technology and innovative products associated with renewable energy, and through their combination of experience and superior product knowledge advise on and supply the highest performing solar batteries across a wide range of applications.

Ryan Hammond, Director of Sealed Performance Batteries, asserts the company’s position as market leaders, explaining, “We have a complete range of solar batteries from low cost AGM, through to longer lasting tubular gel, and premium lithium technologies. We would be one of the few suppliers who can offer multiple lithium technologies.”

With products available to power a range of different applications, Sealed Performance Batteries have been servicing diverse industry factions in their energy storage solution requirements. Hybrid and off grid energy storage for residential and commercial applications along with uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) for signaling stations, remote telecommunications, sub stations and others, are catered for, as well as industrial applications for batteries such as peak shaving, frequency shifting and grid stabilisation.

Hammond and his team understand the complexities of different solar energy storage requirements, passing their expertise on to their clients by way of assessing their unique requirements to recommend the best product for their application’s size and characteristics.

Proud of their partnerships with world leading brands such as  Power-Sonic for AGM and gel products, and Leclanche for lithium products, Hammond believes their suite of solar batteries caters to every client’s preference and requirements, “For pure performance, the Leclanche TI-Box is the most superior, closely followed by the Apollion Cube. However, it really depends on the application, as although Lithium is superior in performance they are also higher in cost. The Power-sonic tubular gel is very cost effective of over it life and the AGM range is a low up front cost option.”

It is this customer driven approach backed by superior products and industry knowledge that helped establish Sealed Performance Batteries as the first choice for solar batteries across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Hammond believes solar power is the way of the future describing it as, “A clean, renewable energy source which is relatively easy and cost effective to deploy both on a small and large scale.”  As advocates of the benefits of solar batteries across commercial and domestic applications, supporters of reducing the world’s carbon footprint, and suppliers of the world’s most advanced solar batteries – at Sealed Performance Batteries the future is bright.

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