Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) Power Ahead With BOSCH Distribution For QLD & NSW


A commitment to a solution-driven customer focused approach has earned SPB the support of internationally recognised brands. Now their determination to adapt to the ever-changing technologies and market demands of the battery industry has been rewarded yet again, with Sealed Performance Batteries securing the distribution rights for BOSCH in New South Wales and Queensland.

This milestone moment in the company’s history and achievements further cements SPB’s reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted battery distributors.

The Bosch brand is synonymous with high quality and innovation, meeting the fast-paced technology of change with revolutionary products offering new solutions, like the Bosch Hightec AGM Battery with absorbent glass mat for Start-Stop Technology – now available from SPB- together with Bosch Marine, Bosch Mega Power Plus (meeting the need to power advanced equipment) and the Bosch Mega Power Silver (supporting the overwhelming depths of technology and stronger demands for starting and cycling ability).

CEO of Sealed Performance Batteries, Greg Roberts, described the impact of adding one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers to an already impressive stable of brands as, “a fantastic opportunity to continue to grow our business with high quality partners and globally recognised brands. We are incredibly excited to have Bosch as part of our core product offer”.

Sealed Performance Batteries know that developing a long-term sustainable business hinges on gaining the right partners to grow, having not long ago stood back from their own brand and assessed it for long-term growth and sustainability. In this respect, securing the partnership with BOSCH was an ideal next move.

Greg Roberts refers to the vision and stability of SPB, saying “Bosch was impressed with our management style, our understanding of market channels and honouring those channels. And they were impressed with our long-term vision as a business. We were the right size with the right growth potential for them.”

Sealed Performance Batteries are also a private Australian company, with the agility to rapidly respond to customer enquiries. Their state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Queensland carries a large stock holding with supply and logistics able to respond and service all channels to market through direct access to main transport routes to the north into Queensland and to the south into New South Wales.

SPB are proud to keep abreast of industry changes and demands. One of the ways they achieve this is through distribution partnerships just like the one now in place with Bosch, contributing to a sustainable future for Australia’s premier battery distributors – Sealed Performance Batteries.

You can learn more about the Sealed Performance Batteries range of Bosch products at