Leclanche Lithium Ion

Leclanche Lithium Ion

For the ultimate in battery energy storage we recommend the Swiss designed, German manufactured Lithium Ion range from the world leading Lithium cell manufacturer, Leclanche. For maximum flexibility, the range includes two types of Lithium Ion technologies: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) and Lithium Titanate (NCO Titanate). Both feature an integrated BMS to ensure maximum safety and have been designed for easy integration with SMA inverters with other inverters pending.

Apollion_Cube_0079Apollion Cube (NMC technology)

NMC technology from Leclanche delivers a superb Lithium ion solution balancing cycle life, safety and cost, making it ideal for hybrid applications.

Features and Benefits vs. AGM/Tubular technology:

  • Greater utilisation of the 6.3kWh capacity through a deeper depth of discharge (5kWh usable at 80%)
  • Up to 5 times the cycle life of AGM technology – perfect for peak shifting/shaving in hybrid applications
  • Faster recharge ensures maximum utilisation of solar energy
  • Scalable up to 12 systems for greater flexibility in system sizing
  • Small, compact and stylish (675mm W x 475mm D x 537mm H)

Download Apollion Cube Brochure 


Commercial & Industrial ApplicationsSRS8063_Leclanche

For industrial and commercial applications, we offer larger versions of our Leclanche energy storage range.
Using the same Lithium Ion technology options, we can develop a scalable design ranging up to MWh capacity. This makes Leclanche batteries an ideal solution for both medium and large scale off-grid storage.

Key features and benefits:

  • Swiss designed and German manufactured for quality
  • Fast recharge to ensure maximum utilisation of your generated solar Energy

Scalable up to MWh to suit a wide range of applications including energy storage for large off grid communities and diesel power replacement.