What is the difference between cycle use and standby use?

When a battery is being used as a power source on a regular basis and it is being discharged and subsequently recharged, the battery is said to be in cyclic use. The determining factor in the life of this battery is the number of charge/discharge cycles that can be completed. In cyclical applications up to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles can be expected depending on the average depth of discharge. Standby batteries are meant to act as an emergency power source where the main power source has failed for some reason. Consequently standby batteries are kept fully charged so that they can “kick in” immediately. The batteries remain connected to a trickle charger that will keep the battery fully charged and ready for use. In standby use the batteries have a design life of up to five years. Please consult our Technical Manual and product specifications to become aware of the many factors that effect product life.