Are your batteries in compliance with EU Directive 2006/66/EC?

Power-Sonic Corporation Sealed Lead Acid Batteries do not contain any of the substances contained in article 4 of the directive: (a) All batteries or accumulators, whether or not incorporated into appliances, that contain more than 0.0005% of mercury by weight; and (b) Portable batteries or accumulators, including those incorporated into appliances, which contain more than 0.002% of cadmium by weight. A copy of our Material Safety Data Sheet can be accessed from the MSDS section in our Datahub.. Page one of the document lists all the materials that are contained in our sealed lead acid batteries. It will be noted that the EU directive clearly states “no lead ban”. It is certified therefore, that our sealed lead acid batteries are in full compliance with this directive. There is a requirement for our sealed lead acid batteries to be labeled with the WEEE symbol (a crossed-out wheelie bin and the appropriate chemical symbol). This is designed to inform the end user to separate batteries from other waste. Our batteries do carry this label. Our NiCd batteries are not compliant with the EU directive and should not be exported. Our U.K. subsidiary, Power-Sonic Europe, do carry NiCd batteries that are compliant