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Imeon 9.12 – The Intelligent 3 Phase Hybrid Converter

IMEON ENERGY has designed a revolutionary Smart Grid Inverter, resulting from over five years of R&D and thousands of projects involving the electrification of remote sites. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter provides the perfect solution to the intermittency and fluctuation of solar energy by managing multiple sources of a solar system (PV, Batteries and Grid).. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter increases the overall efficiency of photovoltaic systems through the use of smart storage management systems.

With an IMEON Smart Grid Inverter and the increasing affordability of photovoltaic modules, the cost of solar power is becoming more competitive. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter can be integrated with existing infrastructures by relieving the grid during low consumption times, e.g. during the day when the batteries will be charging, and by supporting the grid during high consumption times, e.g. during the night when the batteries will be discharging. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter enables photovoltaic installations to be economically viable and accessible to all.


  • Innovative Phase Coupling – with up to 9kW Solar input, the 9.12 can deliver up to 9kW output by utilising Grid, Solar and Battery power
  • UPS Mode – continued power during loss if grid applications. Ideal for Hybrid or Off-Grid
  • 10 Year Warranty – High quality European manufacturing gives complete piece of mind
  • Unique 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter – All-in-one inverter lowers your system cost
  • Intelligent Battery Management – Compatible with all battery technologies including Lithium, Gel, AGM and Aquion
  • Fast and Simple Installation – plug and play installation. Light weight

Integrated WiFi and Smart App Connection

  • Monitor real-time data anywhere, anytime
  • Receive event information via SMS or Email

Intelligent Battery Management

  • Leclanché Apollion Cube – Partner the Imeon 9.12 with the Leclanche Apollion Cube to create the perfect hybrid or off grid system.

Reduced & Optimised Storage

IMEON intelligently manages storage systems by limiting battery use. The system uses surplus energy to charge the batteries, and only discharges them when additional power is needed to compliment solar production. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter reduces the required storage capacity and extends the battery life span by minimising the number of charging and discharging cycles. Most traditional Off-Grid technologies manage storage using fixed thresholds, while IMEON Smart Grid Inverters continually adjust the thresholds according to the charge (Production) and discharge (Consumption) currents. Moreover, the IMEON Smart Grid Inverter provides two different levels of discharge depth according to the grid availability: The first threshold level is used to optimise the battery life span. The second level is used to increase the autonomy with batteries in case of grid failure. The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter is configurable for use with different battery types including GeL, AGM and Lithium(2)

Day time
Solar production feeds the consumption needs. Any surplus power is then stored in the battery bank to avoid any loss of produc¬tion. If there is any surplus of solar power after the batteries are charged, IMEON will export it to the public grid (optional setting).

Solar production is low during the evening, therefore power will be drawn from the batteries to cover the consumption needs of the household. If necessary, the IMEON Smart Grid Inverter will draw additional power from the public grid.

Night Time
The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter will first draw power from the batteries to supply the consumption needs at night. IMEON will only draw electricity from the public grid if additional power is need to meet the households’ consumption needs.

Grid Failure
The IMEON Smart Grid Inverter’s “Back-Up Mode” ensures supplying the household with power in case of sudden grid fai¬lure(1). The batteries are charged to further secure continuous operation of certain appliances under all circumstances.

Innovative Phase Coupling

Multiple Energy Source Coupling
IMEON is a result of high innovation and technology. Mul¬ti-sources phase coupling (Phase Coupling Energy, or PCE) is used to couple several energy sources (eg: PV / batteries / grid). There is no longer a need for source switching, which often leads to micro-cuts of electricity supply. PCE solves age old renewable energy concerns such as intermittence and fluctuation. IMEON’s PCE has now made it possible to guarantee constant power supply and optimal solar yields.

Doubled Output
When grid power is available, the IMEON Smart Inverter can constantly provide double its nominal power. For example, the IMEON 3.6 can provide up to a maximum 6kW by using 2kW of solar energy, 1kW of battery power and 3 kW from the grid. Thus, no modifications of the household’s distribution board are necessary if the demand is less than or equal to 6kW.