Charge & Drive

Charge and Drive – The Cloud based Charging Business System

Are you planning to invest in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

How do you intend to manage the charging infrastructure in an effective and efficient way?

How can you ensure a smooth user experience for Electric Vehicle drivers?

The Charge and Drive cloud based business system has been design specifically for the management of EV Charging infrastructure. As well as providing a front end payment system for simple use of EV drivers.

What does Fortum Charge & Drive give you?

  • Know the status of your EV chargers at any time anywhere through your personalised portal
  • Remotely update firmware, re-configure or state / stop charging from your portal
  • Manage user access, set up user and tariff groups
  • Create reports including Usage, Sales, number of charges etc.
  • Easy to integrate to existing system
  • Real-Time Dashboards and dynamic reports
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing tools

Customer User Experience

  • Simply download the App and your ready to go
  • Locate Charge & Drive chargers or chargers from other integrated databases
  • Filter chargers based on plug or status
  • Google Maps -navigation to chosen charger
  • Credit Card based payment functionality
  • No requirement to Join – One time or Subscription use available

Use of the “Mypages” allows tracking of usage and charges at any time allowing you to easily print reports for claiming.

Why Fortum Charge & Drive?

When implementing a back end infrastructure system you want to ensure you are working with a company with vast experience in the field of installation and maintenance of the system.

Fortum is one of the leading energy providers in the Nordic region, the Baltic States and Russia

Sales of over 3.5Bn Euro

Have been researching and developing the Charge and Drive software since the 90s

Charge and Drive has been commercialised since 2011 and currently has connection to over 650 smart chargers throughout the Scandinavian countries

Charge and Drive is the Market leader in Norway – the leading EV market in the world

Charge and drive has a huge level of expertise from first early mass market.

Trusted and used by global brands such as BMW, VW, Nissan, Renault and McDonalds.

EV Charger brand independent

The Charge and drive system is an independent system which can communicate with any EV Charger manufactures. This means you are not locked in to a specific hardware brand. This is not just a statement, the have proven installs for a large number of different EV brands.

Of course we would recommend the GARO range!