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A home away from home has many demanding power drains that can provide a great deal of wear and tear on a heavily used battery. SPB offer you a variety of recreation batteries depending on your usage, discharge capabilities and wants.

ACDelco Sealed Maintenance Free High Cycle

  • Have a dependable line of true high cycle batteries that have been especially made to withstand demanding Recreational use. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of the battery’s design to enhance deep cycle performance, these batteries incorporate multiple features that make it one tough unit in many instances, one type of power just isn’t enough to meet the multiple demands of a Recreational vehicle. They are Dual fit.

Power-Sonic Sealed Maintenance Free Deep Cycle

  • These dual purpose batteries are the ideal compromise between high starting and moderate deep cycle service. Delivering more power-per-pound with reinforced components, they provide significantly longer cycling service than standard automotive starting batteries, which means more accessory power longer to handle the many creature comforts of recreational use.

Power-Sonic AGM Deep Cycle

  • Caravan and Recreational vehicle owners need a premium AGM battery of the Power-Sonic PDC Range of batteries. From starting performance to dependable accessory power, PDC batteries don’t have any trouble in meeting caravan and recreational vehicle needs. A premium spill proof design brings essential convenience and safety to the travel enthusiast. Power-Sonic PDC of AGM Deep Cycle batteries are Designed-In Reliability to provide true deep cycle performance in deep discharge situations. This is achieved by providing oversize negative plates and a specialised paste formulation to provide consistent and dependable performance plus ensuring the battery has the ability to recover from excessively deep discharge.

Sentry Golf Cart

  • Built to withstand the rough conditions and constant discharge of a recreational life. They are manufactured from a light weight shock and acid resistant PP Resin for increased safety.  Sentry’s unique design simplifies the battery’s watering systems and maximises the performance and life of  maintain the  Sentry takes the guesswork out of the watering process. Once installed, a complete set of batteries can be filled in less than 30 seconds.

Whatever your choice of recreation activity, we have a suitable battery in our extensive range to suit most applications.

ACDelco Marine

ACDelco Marine Batteries are built for endurance and the hard terrains they are subjected to. All ACDelco Deep Cycle Batteries have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance free technology and they are sealed maintenance free for worry free operation.

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Power-Sonic Marine

ALL POWER-SONIC Maintenance Free Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (lead calcium technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, gassing, and water usage, self-discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.

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Power-Sonic PDC Series

Power-Sonic deep cycle PDC range is purpose built for those applications which require regular and consistent cycling (charge and dis-charge). Commonly called deep cycling the oversized negative plates and a specialised paste formulation of the PDC can provide constant power for longer periods of time without shortening the life of the battery.

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Power-Sonic DCG Series

The special gelled electrolyte of the Power-Sonic Deep Cycle Gel (DCG) range which is more tolerate to drying out makes them ideal for tighter space requirements and higher temperature environments and able to withstand higher levels of vibration.

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Power-Sonic Lithium Series

Lithium based technology is becoming increasingly popular due to it high cycle life and reduced weight. There are a number of different Lithium technologies which exist, each with their own set of characteristics, the range from Power-Sonic are of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) composition. LiFePO4 has high current rating, long cycle life is tolerant to full charge and most importantly is one of the safest Lithium technologies available.

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Sentry AGM Series

The Sentry AGM range is a quality range ideally suited for a wide range of general purpose and cost critical applications

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Sentry Lithium Series

Sentry Lithium is a premium range of the highest quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) composition. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) was selected for our Sentry range due to its inherent safety features.

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